Stove Maintenance and Chimney Sweep

Annual maintenance of fireplaces and wood burning stoves

At least once a year, Hot Box recommends removal of the baffle plate and burn plates to make sure that they are in good condition. Also, internal parts get worn and should be replaced from time to time, depending on how much and how often you use the wood burner.

Sweeping of the chimney and fireplace

A clean fireplace and a clean chimney are essential to achieving an environmental combustion. This avoids a fire that can damage the chimney and in the worst case scenario lead to a full-blown chimney fire. Non-clean burning fireplaces produce substantially more soot than modern, clean-burning stoves. Our maintenance specialist will instruct you on the correct techniques and will suggest measures which ensure the best burn possible.

Book a Hot Box Stoves maintenance service

In order to keep your stove and flue system in good working order it will need some routine maintenance.

At Hot Box Stoves, we recommend that a service of your appliance is carried out annually in order to ensure that is always in good working order and more importantly safe to use.
Our service package is available to all of our customers. It makes sense that because Hot Box installed your stove, they should be on hand to help you maintain it too.

A service will consist of the following elements:

General protection of the area where the service is to be carried out.
Removal of all internal fire bricks, throat plate and other internal elements depending upon the individual appliance.
Cleaning the inside of the appliance inclusive of the glass.
Sweeping of the flue liner or chimney system.
Re-assembly of the appliance.
Testing and recommissioning.

Total cost of a service is £115.00 INCLUSIVE OF VAT

From time to time it may be necessary for some of the rope seals to be replaced or re fixed, we always carry this with us and can check if any other parts are required. Rope seals and fire cement seals will be replaced as appropriate as part of the service. Should any fire bricks be needed please try and let us know in advance so that we can ensure that we bring them with us. Any additional visits will be chargeable.